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Ask Rick: June 17, 2015

Back in that days, could you feel that THAT album or that tour would become an iconic album. Or a breakthrough thing?!

Rick: Actually, we never thought our “Live at Budokan" album would even be released outside of Japan. It was originally recorded as an Epic-Sony special product, (one-off) for the Japanese fans only. After our Japan tour, Epic-Sony shipped all the 24 track reels to New York for us to mix. Jack Douglas, Bun E and myself, picked about half of the live recordings to mix, from all the songs, and chose what ended up on the album. Even though it was only about 1/2 of an actual full concert, we felt this was a good representation of us live, for this “fan only” limited release album, and we didn’t have the free time to mix the rest of the tracks, because as usual, we were always on tour. and still are….
More about “Cheap Trick Live at Budokan II” later..

Lars: And who decides that "I want you to want me" from that Live Album would become the single.

Rick: “I Want You To Want Me” had already been a hit once in Japan, from the “In Color” studio version, and since the audience at Budokan had screamed the “Cryin, Cryin, Cryin” answers, why not? 
Soon after, 1st in Boston, the live version started getting airplay all around the World….

Right after the Japanese release of “Cheap Trick Live at Budokan
the original Japan LP version would shortly become the biggest selling import, ever.
and then………